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The list of people trying to ensure I never find a new job by chucking obstacles at me

The mad mother – totally barking mad and extremely time consuming.  In sales management speak – an energy drainer.

Helpful teenager – tries hard, works hard but you don’t stop worrying do you.

Moody teenager – need I say more.

Cute dog – leaves muck and hairs everywhere but only has to look at you with those cute eyes and you forgive.

Mardy dog – ditto – but is scared of the hoover, the drill, the doorbell, … hang on why am I listing things.  He’s just scared.

Eight cats – yes that’s right eight cats.  Eight cats who don’t like cats.  Never knowingly friendly to each other.  Furniture shredders, hair shedders, litter tray smellers – who would have them. (Well me apparently.)

A horse and a pony – to be fair I don’t spend much time on them – but helpful teenager and moody teenager do and I do tow the trailer and pay for everything.  Now you know why I need a job!

  1. Maire52 permalink

    You could add the bankers, taking the money the govenment could have put into job creation or supporting small businessess and keeping it all for their greedy little selves.

  2. Where is the other bloooooooooooogggggggg??????

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