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Day 234 – Lucky Number

Day 234 – Lucky Number, originally uploaded by nualao.

When you are competing – this is the number you want to see. Not so sure it’s about look though – just all about hard work!

Please don’t look closely at the crappy photoshopping. I’m down on inspiration and just grabbed the last two shots at the last minute. Hopefully, my week off work will stimulate some inspiration next week.


Day 233 – Not a Chore

Day 233 – Not a Chore, originally uploaded by nualao.

Bunny says it’s not a chore to sit on the sofa and watch television with me – but she really wishes I’d sit down and stop pointing the camera at her.

Day 228 – Obligation

Day 228 – Obligation, originally uploaded by nualao.

I took this on Friday night at a friend’s house. I had walked up to have tea with her and another friend and taken a range of possible alternatives.

I took photographs of cars parked on the kerb not allowing room for pedestrians to pass – people not seeing considering others as an obligation.

I captured the local methodist church – think that some people see church as an obligation.

I photographed the road with the beautiful blue sky and lovely tree lined pavements – thinking an obligation to stop and enjoy the scenery every now and the.

But in the end it was this image that captured me most – because it made me laugh.

Then the next day I took my camera to a Dressage competition and took some video of a friend and lent her the SD card forgetting that my picture a day was on it.

So here we have last Friday’s picture – out of order but for a reason – and I can stop stressing about being behind now.

Day 232 – Stripes

Day 232 – Stripes, originally uploaded by nualao.

Fletcher Moss walk

DSC_8203, originally uploaded by nualao.
I love walking round Fletcher Moss – the scenery is beautiful and it’s often very peaceful.  Today I was looking for something that was stripy for my photo of the day.  Couldn’t resist one of my favourite views though – probably the place I photograph the most.
I really wanted to choose this photo as the photo of the day -but I just couldn’t convince myself it’s stripy.
DSC_8225, originally uploaded by nualao.
There are many beautiful little paths and walkways.
DSC_8229, originally uploaded by nualao.
And many remnants of the past – such as this which leads on to the Rugby field.
DSC_8231, originally uploaded by nualao.
So ended up with this as the Photo of the Day today.
Day 232 – Stripes, originally uploaded by nualao.

Day 231 – Flight

Day 231 – Flight, originally uploaded by nualao.

Day 230 – Motion Blur

Day 230 – Motion Blur, originally uploaded by nualao.

A cross country course today and a very poor attempt to get motion blur. There is a little on the bushes behind the course and there’s a little blur on the legs.

Please to say the Dolly (and Jenny) went clear which was a big relief.

Sad to say that there was fatality at Somerford Park today. It’s any riders mother’s biggest fear and I’ve seen both my girls have too many horrible falls to not understand how risky riding is.

But you know you have to live and this hobby gives them so much – I can’t regret it (apart from the cost).