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Day 240 – Rule of Thirds

August 28, 2013

Day 240 – Rule of Thirds, originally uploaded by nualao.

Now – if I remember what I learned about the rule of thirds, I could be said to be technically breaking the rule as the top of the sofa which is a point that attracts attention is exactly in the middle of the photograph.

However, I thought it was a rubbish prompt and am just using it as an opportunity to show my new sofa and newly painted cream wall. Those sharp eyed amongst you will see that the cream above the picture rail is a different cream to the one below. This will necessitate painting the ceiling and all the walls in the room above the picture rail (sigh) but it had to be done anyway as there is quite a bit of water damage from a couple of leaks.

Sadly, the rest of the room does and will not look as clean and uncluttered as the study is the only room in my house that is really cluttered with all my stuff.


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One Comment
  1. You have the right door jamb bang on the golden section lol.

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