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Day 228 – Obligation

August 20, 2013

Day 228 – Obligation, originally uploaded by nualao.

I took this on Friday night at a friend’s house. I had walked up to have tea with her and another friend and taken a range of possible alternatives.

I took photographs of cars parked on the kerb not allowing room for pedestrians to pass – people not seeing considering others as an obligation.

I captured the local methodist church – think that some people see church as an obligation.

I photographed the road with the beautiful blue sky and lovely tree lined pavements – thinking an obligation to stop and enjoy the scenery every now and the.

But in the end it was this image that captured me most – because it made me laugh.

Then the next day I took my camera to a Dressage competition and took some video of a friend and lent her the SD card forgetting that my picture a day was on it.

So here we have last Friday’s picture – out of order but for a reason – and I can stop stressing about being behind now.


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