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Day 241 – Bubbly

Day 241 – Bubbly, originally uploaded by nualao.

Another day of painting and sorting. Thankfully not all holidays are like this. I really struggled with this theme and then as I was cleaning the windowsill and the window I found this paperweight sat behind the curtain and full of bubbles.


Day 240 – Rule of Thirds

Day 240 – Rule of Thirds, originally uploaded by nualao.

Now – if I remember what I learned about the rule of thirds, I could be said to be technically breaking the rule as the top of the sofa which is a point that attracts attention is exactly in the middle of the photograph.

However, I thought it was a rubbish prompt and am just using it as an opportunity to show my new sofa and newly painted cream wall. Those sharp eyed amongst you will see that the cream above the picture rail is a different cream to the one below. This will necessitate painting the ceiling and all the walls in the room above the picture rail (sigh) but it had to be done anyway as there is quite a bit of water damage from a couple of leaks.

Sadly, the rest of the room does and will not look as clean and uncluttered as the study is the only room in my house that is really cluttered with all my stuff.

Day 239 – White

Day 239 – White, originally uploaded by nualao.

I’m off work on annual leave this week and had promised myself that I would pack a lot into the week. I’ve been out with friends twice, been to a christening, sorted out (and best of all chucked out lots) the cupboards in the kitchen.

Today we started to decorate the study. Years ago when I had the room built (2000) I painted the walls a lovely burnt orange colour. The furniture has changed over the years but the colour has remained the same. I’ve recently set up a small desk top studio (ok some white board in the shape of a box) but I’m finding the orange is affecting the colour of my photographs. So very sadly I decided it had to go.

As I was doing this I decided to replace the very tatty old sofa that had been used by the dogs for years and was covered in white hair. I got a fantastic ebay bargain – £75 for a leather sofa that’s like new – and collected it with the horse box. So out went the old one on to the drive until I can either bring the horse box back to take it to the tip or get the council to come and get it.

Of course it was out their five minutes before the cats came up to sleep on it. So far every cat has had a turn and several times there was more than one. This is Mouse, sitting on the sofa cushions – I was just a minute too late as before I took the photo he had his nose buried in the gap. And ok – he’s technically not white but we thought he was when he was born.

Day 238 – Refreshing

Day 238 – Refreshing, originally uploaded by nualao.

A day with no time or energy for photography. So a quick phone snap of my almost empty glass of wine. I have to say it was very refreshing… just wish I’d stopped at one.

Day 237 – Memory

Day 237 – Memory, originally uploaded by nualao.

Day 236 – Please

Day 236 – Please, originally uploaded by nualao.

It’s been a busy day.  I’ve finally emptied out the kitchen cupboards and got rid of every mismatched piece of crockery and pans without lids and lids without pans.
So when it came to a photograph – I had to fit it in with what I was doing.  The prompt was ‘please’ which I didn’t love.  So I’m pushing it a bit here with – please find my body.
This was a promotional campaign for jeans in Selfridges and it really was eyecatching.

Day 235 – Fracture

Day 235 – Fracture, originally uploaded by nualao.

I have a corner house with quite a wide driveway. It’s been paved very badly so all the paving stones are all wobbly and some have cracked as the cars drive over them.

I’m not a gardner – I just like it all to look neat (and it clearly doesn’t). And as you can see I need to weed the paving.

However, the weeds here are adding a little interest to the photo.

I think this was a particularly hard theme – and I didn’t feel like fracturing something on purpose 🙂